The Gowganda Pilot and Me, Tears for Teddy, The Sand Hills-Looking Back

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The Gowganda Pilot and Me
This is the true story of a pilot from Akron, Ohio who loved flying and the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada, written by his daughter who is not wanting their story to be forgotten. It records their tragedies and miraculous, multiple survivals and how, with great courage, he saved her life, her husband’s and their unborn son.

Pat wrote the poem at the end of the book, made into a song as heard on Youtube. Music composed and sung by Susan Clark.

“A sensitive well written legacy and tribute book.”

“A real page turner!”

“It drew me in and I couldn’t lay it down!”


the-sand-hills-lookingback-smThe Sand Hills – Looking Back
Many of the stories in this book are quotes from the pioneers and homesteaders themselves. The pioneers who made their way west in the 1800’s were a strong and determined people experiencing many hardships. It also includes the very engaging story of the brave Ponca Chief, Standing Bear, the cattle barons and cowboys. The book ends with a poem by Pat for “Buck,” made into, “A Song for Buck,” as heard on Youtube. A Song for Buck, “Memories” is composed by Susan Clark and sung by David Craig.

“I grew up in Nebraska and this book brought back so many memories – very good! I highly recommend it.”

“I gained so much additional information about the history of NE. Very informative!”

“Loved the book, especially enjoyed the story about Standing Bear.”

tears-for-teddy-smTears for Teddy
Tears for Teddy is the true story of a man and his love and devotion for a sweet little Pomeranian; so dedicated to taking such loving care of his Teddy Bear through all of his crises, in extraordinary ways. Dr. Dale Dodd once said, “A person’s spiritual journey in life is not complete until one learns to love a dog and know what love, devotion, and wonderful therapy they provide.” all social scientists now recognize how pets can be very effective therapy for people. Even though some of the stories are sad, this well-written book contains many wonderful stories with a sprinkling of humor. The poem at the end has brought tears to many readers eyes.

“For those who love pets, all will enjoy this book!”

“Made me cry— Loved the poem!”

“I was so impressed at how much this man cared for his little dog.”